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7 Fatal Reasons Students are not Motivated

7 Fatal Reasons Students are not Motivated

In this English, Spanish, or bilingual presentation Jonathan will share motivational story of how he went from working in fields after school to playing on the field and being recruited to schools like, Harvard, Stanford, and more. Jonathan followed the advice of his grandfather, “En esta vida hay que luchar” Jonathan’s strength show will show students, parents, & educators how to fight (luchar) for students to accomplish their dreams.

GEAR UP for College & Career Development

This award winning program helps students, staff, & parents Gain the Early Awareness with 101 expert soft skills needed to gain the Readiness needed to have success in Undergraduate Programs & Career Development. Jonathan gives students the specific tools needed for getting A’s, getting Hired, & getting a career in todays job market including careers in STEM.


With her noted expertise in school-based mental health, Dr. Anitra Shelton-Quinn seeks to provide the best in Professional Training as well as Leadership Development.
Dr. Shelton-Quinn shares her experience and insight with any and all those seeking to improve the culture and climate in which they find themselves.
This award-winning school psychologist will not disappoint, as she teaches real-life tools for self-advocacy and success, using interactive strategies.


Since 2003, Dr Jim Houston “DOC” has led humanitarian aid efforts in more than 150 countries. He is a founding member & president of SWAT LEAGUE (Sports World Against Trafficking). Their mission is to maximize the impact of the professional and college sports industry to make an impact in middle schools, high schools, and entire communities with the goal of eradicating human trafficking, specifically here in the United States. Their list of Board Members, Advisors, and Endorsers include numerous well known athletes like Ray Lewis, Albert Pujols, STING, Kurt Warner, Shaun Alexander, and Kyle Korver. Coaches like Nick Saban, Dabo Swinney, and Bobby Bowden. Actors like Sinbad, Henry Cho, And David Mann. Civil Rights activist, Dr Alveda King (niece of Martin Luther King Jr), also serves on Doc’s Advisory Council. When you bring Doc to your school, your school will get much more than just an assembly.
Doc will train and teach your key administrators, teachers, and key personnel how to recognize and deal with a possible trafficking situation.
Doc will work with key staff such as your counselors, nurses, resource officers, and psychologists to develop a plan for your school so that victims know who they can trust to come forward with their situation.
Doc will host an assembly for your students (as a school or by grade level) that will share with them in story format that every student can relate to and understand how trafficking works and the impact that each student can make toward prevention.
Doc will also provide opportunities for your school to be part of ongoing education and prevention work in your school and community.


Melvin Adams is a Former Harlem Globetrotter whose passion is to change the total teenage culture in America. He has spoken, worldwide, to over 4 million kids! Whether the subject is making wise choices as a youth or learning how to be an exceptional parent, you will find Melvin persuasive. It seems that all those with whom he comes in contact, become successful. Melvin travels to schools across the nation, using his time to intentionally pour into students as a motivational speaker, to inspire the world to overcome life’s many adversities and to realize that their dreams are meant to empower others.


Feel the intensity when Keith Davis walks into the room. If the kids have decided “it’s just another assembly,” their minds are quickly changed. Keith has the “POWER” to change the atmosphere and environment of the entire student body. A former NFL linebacker, Rose Bowl champion and USC graduate, Keith Davis overcame tremendous family obstacles and reading difficulties to obtain a degree in business finance. Keith is a man of character and commitment who truly lives by the principles that he shares.