Who does ABI represent?

ABI represents a select group of proven anti-bullying abuse speakers. Our speakers are also capable of addressing audiences on a wide variety of topics relating to dangerous behaviors and life styles. They are also very entertaining and often have amazing presentations, such as sword swallowing, magic and playing whole teams as a one man volleyball team. Our primary goal is to assist organizations in finding the speaker that best fits their event.

What Makes ABI Unique?

ABI has an “All Star” line-up of acclaimed speakers, specifically created to meet the needs of America’s faith-centered organizations, as well as public schools and businesses. Though they may differ on their themes and approaches for events, one thing all our speakers have in common is their strong faith driven commitment against bullying-abuse.

What is the main service provided by ABI?

Our main service is to help make a good solid connection between organizations and speakers.

How much does ABI charge a speaker or organization for its services?

That’s one of the unique things about ABI, we do not charge for our services. Once connected, the organizations and speakers do their own negotiating on dates, prices, etc. In many cases sponsors cover the cost to save and change lives in schools and communities.

Why would an organization want to go through ABI to find its next event speaker?

  1. We provide “one stop shopping” for selecting top speakers.
  2. Our speakers have committed to giving top priority to ABI referrals.
  3. ABI can also provide professional fund raising if desired, to mitigate event expenses.

Does ABI do all the hard work?

No, because the hard work is already done for you through ABI. Based on our concept of “one stop shopping”, ABI provides in depth information to an organization looking for an event speaker. If requested, an ABI consultant will advise an organization on individual speakers, including price ranges. We also alert the speakers, to let them know that you are generally interested in their services. Our speakers have committed to making ABI referrals, top priority. The same is also true of our fundraising representatives. They can suggest ways to raise enough monies to cover your speaker and underwrite your event.

Is there an obligation to fundraise for events?

Another basic service ABI provides is event fundraising assistance. Through our business alliance with REACH Fundraising www.reach-fundraising.com , ABI has a number of top fundraisers to help organizations. Although, organizations who contact ABI, may be contacted by our fundraising specialists, to see if they want professional assistance in raising monies for their events, there is no obligation for organizations to use our alliance fundraising partner.

How does ABI make its money to operate?

We are mostly supported from our alliances, grant monies, and tax-deductible donations from individuals and organizations.